Management Team

Dr. Rajan Gupta - Founder and President

Dr. Gupta is the Corporation's founder and majority shareholder. With over twenty years of experience in clinical biochemistry, he is an accomplished manager, clinician, researcher and educator. Dr. Gupta received his Ph.D. in 1982 from the prestigious Postgraduate Institute for Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh, India. Since that time, Dr. Gupta has received numerous awards and fellowships from NSERC, the World Health Organization and the Indian Council for Medical Research. In 1986, Dr. Gupta became the Director of the Clinical Biochemistry Laboratory at Dayan and Medical College and Hospital, a 1500 bed hospital considered to be a pioneer medical research institute in India.

Dr. Gupta transformed the laboratory into a state-of-the-art facility and increased revenues by a factor of 17, mainly due to a client oriented approach in providing core test results within 45 minutes. He also taught clinical biochemistry to medical, undergraduate and post-graduate students. In 1988, Dr. Gupta was awarded one of only ten fellowships to study Radioimmunoassay Techniques at the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre in Bombay, India. Dr. Gupta's research activities include managing diagnostics for clinical trials; developing two unique techniques to isolate, characterize and identify DNA cleavage complexes in the presence of drug-DNA enzyme complexes; the development and validation of immunoassay kits for the protein that binds to the immunosuppressive drug and the toxic microcystins; and the development of biochemical assays as diagnostic markers in various diseased conditions. The microcystin kit is already in the advanced stage of commercialization. Dr. Gupta has published over thirty-five research papers in refereed journals including Anti-Cancer Drug Design, Gene, and Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, and has attended 30 National and International conferences.

Dr. Seema Gupta - VP Regulatory Affairs and Customer Relations

Seema holds a PhD in Biochemistry and has a distinguished career in private and academic sectors as an immunologist and product development manager. Seema brings over 18 years of academic and industrial research experience on an international basis. Past accomplishments include; over18 years of expertise in providing strategic guidance, and competitive intelligence in all aspects of research and development, regulatory affairs contract research and technology commercialization. She is responsible and key contact for all the technical aspects of the Vitakits, regulatory affairs and maintaining customer relations at scientific and professional levels.


With the proposed investment in place we will strengthen the team with expertise in business development. John Pinsent, CA, St. Arnaud Pinsent & Associates have been enrolled for financial aspects.