VitaKit® A & D Vitamin D & A Analysis by Elisa

VitaKits® permit the rapid analysis of vitamins A & D in fortified products. The technology utilizes proprietary monoclonal antibodies for these vitamins which were developed by SciMed.

Why Use a VitaKit®? Save Time & Money!

  • Ability to process up to 41 separate samples, all done at once by 1 technician;
  • Total time of less than 2 hours, including sample extraction and data processing;
  • Concurrent analysis of Vitamin A & D. No more preparative HPLC;
  • Can be used with minimal training and experience.

Who Can Use a VitaKit®?

  • Analytical laboratories involved in food quality assurance testing;
  • In-house by food processors to get immediate results for quality control;
  • Product development researchers seeking higher quality processed food for the discerning customer;
  • Regulatory and inspection agencies to ensure end-user (customer) safety.

VitaKits® technical information sheet


Note: SciMed has optimized the test to fit North American fortification parameters. SciMed makes no guarantees of performance where other fortification parameters are used.